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Employee Engagement in the Remote Working Era

By Remokly

Working remotely has increasingly gained popularity in the last decade, with the pandemic of COVID-19, it’s quickly becoming the new normal, and a potential paradigm shift in the workplace. As the world continues to stay indoors to combat any further spread of the novel coronavirus, employers need to innovate to inspire and engage their workforce. During such tough times, companies must remain as passionate as ever about their employees learning and development. Organizations are trying their best to maintain the continuity of their businesses, and ensure the safety of their employees. Although this new normal of working remotely presents challenges of its own.

Coarse Challenge of Remote Work 

Working remotely is not at all rainbows and unicorns. It comes with its own set of challenges. (will add few lines more)

  • Interruptions at Home 
  • Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction
  • Social Isolation 
  • Technology Hiccups 

“Remokly has a huge potential to become the SaaS of the mass, having a lot of features organizations need in post COVID era, to ensure remotely working people are working efficiently.”

Ankit Sinha: VP – Sears Inc, Ex – Google Cloud Regional Business Lead

Best Ways to Foster Employee Engagement

Decentralized teams face numerous challenges that can have damaging consequences if unaddressed, but they can be overcome.

  • In-built a culture of collaboration
  • Ensure engagement efforts are continuous
  • Don’t forget to praise your employees
  • Remember- Communication is Oxygen
  • Perform survey to gather employee’s feedback
  • Use innovative latest tech to improve EE